10 Wedding Decor Trends That Haven’t Jumped The Shark

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Edison bulbs had their moment, but they’re a teeny tiny bit played out at this point. A better plan: Bring back the good ol’ fairy lights and string them lightly in areas that might need a little extra ambiance. Just make sure they’re an accent, not a focal point.


Call us romantics, but there’s something so delicate and lovely about lining your reception tables with pretty buds in mismatched vases in lieu of over-the-top floral centerpieces.


Forget chalkboards–instead, pen the details of your big day on a mirror and watch guests literally reflect on the major moment that’s about to go down.


Look, we love a good peony cluster as much as the next gal, but walking down the aisle with a dramatic arrangement that drapes as much as your dress is still a pretty epic idea.

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OK, so you’ve likely seen this all over Pinterest. But how many have you seen IRL? Be the person who bucks beige napkins and gold chargers in favor of a creative, down-to-earth place setting.


Swap succulents for mini bundles of herbs with name cards attached. Bonus: They not only double as greenery votives (mentioned above) that guests can carry to the table themselves, but they also work as adorable take-home favors.


Proof you don’t have to break the bank to pull off Instagram-worthy décor. Use them to spell out common phrases (like “XO” or “LOVE”) or to personalize your wedding. (Hello, your hashtag would look extra awesome spelled out in supersized balloons.)


Sure, a cupcake tower may be o-v-e-r, but dessert in different forms (pies, doughnuts, macarons) is completely acceptable…and still surprising.


In lieu of a wedding singer, give your guests the chance to take the mic. Just wait until after dinner when plenty of champagne (aka liquid courage) has been consumed.


If you can’t throw confetti (for real–a lot of venues restrict it because of the clean up), these DIY flags are still a pretty colorful way to end the ceremony in style.