Everything You Need to Know About Throwing a Backyard Wedding



Kate McKenna


Perhaps the most attractive reason for having a backyard wedding is the fact that they can be so budget-friendly. “Maybe [couples] feel as if they can spend their money elsewhere and can achieve their Pinterest goals, rather than spending money on a [conventional] venue space,” said Sarah Campbell, owner and wedding planner at Pollyanna Events. Saving money on renting a traditional venue can free up a large chunk of the budget for things like decor, rentals, and catering.



Backyard weddings also open up a lot of room for creativity. As Campbell said, “The possibilities are endless.” Couples can play up the main features of the backyard space, like a large tree or a great view. To really make your wedding one of a kind, incorporate unique pieces like china or antique pieces of furniture from the house.


While you won’t have to pay to rent a venue, backyard weddings require renting almost everything else for your big day. From seating to dinnerware and beyond, the rentals can add up. Plus, Campbell said, they might incur additional delivery costs, depending where the home is located. You’ll also want to look into parking permits for guests and caterers, as well as any noise restrictions that may be in place in your neighborhood.


One of the biggest reasons for choosing a backyard wedding is to keep the event intimate, and Campbell noted that “couples are focusing more on being surround by their close family and friends, rather than having a huge wedding.” Make sure you’re realistic about the number of guests your space can accommodate, and decide if you’re willing to make some sacrifices to the guest list if necessary.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s a great idea to hire a wedding planner, because they “have the experience in doing a variety of weddings and may have some insight to problems you may not have known could exist,” said Campbell.

The most important part of any wedding is to stay organized, so you can feel relaxed and enjoy the big day when it arrives.

“I think if your I’s are dotted, your T’s are crossed and you are surrounded by your closest family and friends, nothing else matters.”


Of course, backyard weddings come with some challenges. As with any outdoor wedding, you’ll need to arrange a contingency plan if the weather takes a turn. Traditional venue spaces often already have these plans in place and are “large enough to host your entire wedding indoors when bad weather occurs,” said Campbell. “That is usually not an option with weddings that are done at home.” If the backyard is big enough, consider renting a tent or heat lamps, depending on the season.