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Couples Rank the Most Important Factors in Happy Long-Term Relationships—and Sex Doesn’t Make the Top 10

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Suzannah Weiss 2/18/2016

Spring is here time to start booking those outdoor venues for your tented wedding. New England is the absolute best place to enjoy the beautiful environment on that special day. We are affiliated with almost all of the venues available and could help you find that special location that speaks to you. Visit our website for some great pictures and information. Remember we are just a phone call away.

Here is a good article on long term relationships from our friend at Glamour Magazine. Check it out it is very insightful.

When you think about the times when you’re most happy in your relationship, you might picture sharing an inside joke or doing something together that you both love. At least those were the most popular answers among the 5,000 people surveyed by Dr. Meg John Barker and Professor Jacqui Gabb, authors of The Secrets of Enduring Love: How to Make Relationships Last. If your image of what’s best about your relationship takes place in the bedroom, it turns out you’re actually in the minority—sex didn’t even make the top 10. Continue reading

Being honest about finances can actually be kind of sexy.

40x80TensionTentSpring is here time to start booking those outdoor venues for your tented wedding. New England is the absolute best place to enjoy the beautiful environment on that special day. We are affiliated with almost all of the venues available and could help you find that special location that speaks just to you. Visit our website for some great pictures and information. Remember we are just a phone call away.

Here is a good article on relationship finances and what to do from our friends at Check it out it is very insightful.


It’s no surprise that money is one of the biggest reasons couples fight, given that it’s a huge factor in determining your stress, happiness, and the kind of life you live in general. But it’s also extremely personal, and sometimes talking to someone about finances can feel almost as intimate as standing in front of them completely naked. But when you’re in a relationship, pushing money talks under the rug is a guaranteed way to stumble over them later, probably at the most inconvenient time. Here, 11 money-related chats every couple needs to have in order to be as blissed out as possible. Continue reading

Wedding Superstitions and Traditions

4d02a2041c050-0770gannonWedding Traditions and Superstitious Beliefs

Many of today’s common wedding traditions and superstitions actually originated in ancient myth and folklore when it was thought that engaged couples were particularly vulnerable to bad luck and evil spirits right before their wedding day.

Some traditions are commonplace, such as the bride not being seen in her wedding dress by the groom before the ceremony, others are unique and vary widely between cultures; all are thought to either ward off bad luck or surround the bride and groom with good luck… Continue reading

Americana Weddings: Your Americana Wedding Guide

phoca_thumb_l_z125Inspired by road trips, county fairs, and good old-fashioned rock and roll, here’s a wedding planning guide to capturing the spirit of your timeless American romance.

By Justine Lorelle Blanchard



The Setting

An Americana wedding begs for an outdoor setting, whether it’s a rustic barn or a tented ceremony in your backyard. When your venue is so inherently rich in character, you can keep the decor low-key.
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3 Ways to Keep the Peace with Your Future Mother-in-Law

Mother-in-Laws are not that bad they usually think they are just trying to help, right? Here are three good tips to try. After all they will soon be family and that will be years of cherished memories.

Monday, October 20, 2014 
by Sandy Malone

Some brides are close to their fiancé’s family before the engagement, but for some couples who don’t live anywhere near his parents, they may have met only a few times. When the big engagement is announced, all of the dynamics suddenly change. Usually we talk about stress the bride endures in dealing with her own mother, but the Mother of the Groom (MOG) can be just as complicated. While you certainly don’t have to give the MOG a role in the wedding planning, sometimes finding things to make her feel more involved is critical to her happiness — and peace in your own household. Her son is her baby and you’re going to be taking him away from her to some extent. This is a good time to improve relations with the woman who will be grandmother to your children rather than start things off on the wrong foot.
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Having a summer wedding?

Our friends over at the and author Kate Wood have put together another great article. This one is on a timely subject, summer wedding season. The “what’s hot now” is right on the mark. We handle all of the outdoor event rental equipment so are up on these very trends! Our linen is bright and colorful, tables and chairs come in many different styles, tents, lighting, flooring and staging encompass all the latest trends. Give us a call today, the consultation is free!

8 Hot Summer Wedding Trends

Summer is a popular time for weddings, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the summer wedding tradition standbys. Read on for eight new ideas for your summer celebration.
By Kate Wood
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Happy National Reconciliation Day!

April is known for some pretty crazy celebrations. So guess what the celebrating is all about Today!!! I love the Biography channel and visit their webpage all the time. I find interesting stories just like this one. I never even knew that some of these couples were ever broken up. I hope you enjoy the story as much as we did.

Carrie Borzillo

National Reconciliation Day, held April 2nd every year, is a time to mend fences, reunite with estranged loved ones, and remember Gandhi’s wise words: “Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” In honor of the day, we’re taking a look at 10 memorable celebrity reconciliations, from Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton‘s two trips to the altar to Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s romantic bounce-back after being found guilty of felony assault charges on the pop princess.

Natalie Wood & Robert Wagner (married 1957-1962 and 1972-1981)

© Provided by Biography

When Natalie Wood (Rebel Without a Cause, Splendor in the Grass, West Side Story) was just 10-years-old, she told her mother that she was going to marry Robert Wagner, best known later on for his starring role in the TV series Hart to Hart. Well her wish came true not once, but twice. The pair went on a first date set up by the studio and married in 1957 amidst protest from her mother. After divorcing in 1962, she married film producer Richard Gregson before giving Wagner a second chance. Wood and Wagner remarried in 1972 and were together until her mysterious drowning while on a boat trip to Catalina Island in 1981. Many theorized that Wagner was involved with her death because the spouses were passionately arguing before she disappeared and she was found with bruises on her body.

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Cool Online Tools That Will Simplify Your Wedding Planning

So you’re getting married now it’s time to plan and manage the wedding. With all the new opportunities to manage it online we thought we would take a look at some of the options currently available. We like because it covers everything you need on one dashboard. But let’s see what Elizabeth Mitchel a writer for Brides Magazine has to offer.

by Elizabeth Mitchell

We’re all for anything that helps streamline the wedding planning process. From tracking down the perfect bridesmaid dress to calculating how much to spend on what, say, “I do” to these cool online tools that put the fun back into prepping for your big day.
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Unique Wedding Sites in Portsmouth New Hampshire

Moffatt-Ladd House and Garden: 154 Market St., Portsmouth, 603-436-8221, *A National Historic Landmark; Georgian mansion with private terraced formal gardens and newly-renovated “warehouse” rental available for weddings and functions. Located near the Hilton Garden Inn/Downtown Portsmouth (100 High St., 603-431-1499, and the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel (250 Market St., 603-431-2300,

Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion: 375 Little Harbor Rd., Portsmouth, 603-436-6607,  *A National Historic Landmark overlooking the picturesque inland waterways of Little Harbor. Grounds and Coolidge Center available for event rental. Located down the road from Little Harbor Chapel (seasonal, 603-436-4902). For information about weddings at the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion State Historic Site, please call the state office at 603-271-3556.

Governor Langdon House: 143 Pleasant St., Portsmouth, 603-436-3205, *A National Historic Landmark. Expansive lawn behind the mansion shaded by trees, enclosed by hedges and a perennial flower border. 100-foot rose and grape arbor leads to secluded pavilion. Adjacent carriage house with restrooms & catering space. Rental limited to outdoor seasonal use; up to 150 guests. Tours of the 1784 Langdon House may be arranged in advance for function guests.
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