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The Biggest Wedding Trends for 2015 – Part 2

Get up-to-the-nanosecond news on the latest trends in all things bridal: from canapés to cakes, flowers to favors and invitations to midnight snacks.

The Invitations

Buttons and ribbons and gems. Oh, my! couples will be generating excitement for their celebration by wowing guests with an invitation suite that’s delivered in attention-grabbing style: wrapped in shimmery cellophane; boxed in decorative paper; tied up with ribbon, leather rope or baker’s twine; studded with crystals; or adorned with dried flowers.

Photo courtesy of Ellen Weldon Design

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Real Brides Share Their Love and Marriage New Year’s Resolutions!

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions so we thought we would share an article with you that does just that. One smart resolution would be to reserve your wedding event venue and if it is going to be outside your tent rental during the month of January. Especially if the wedding will occur during the peak summer months of May, June, July, August and September. Check out all the new ideas available on our website including the brand new clear wedding tents. Give us a call we would be more than happy to discuss any aspect of having your wedding outside on the coast, at a lake or on a vineyard. We have the experience to guide you in the right direction so everything goes off without a hitch.

by Terri Pous

The only thing harder than making a New Year’s resolution is keeping it! While many vow to lose weight, stay in shape, find a job, or some other personal pledge, we wanted to know what real women want to do better for their relationships in 2015. We polled our Facebook followers to see their New Year’s resolutions — and to hopefully help you make a commitment to love and a happy marriage in the new year! Read on to see our favorites, from serious to slightly more lighthearted.

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“Be more in the moment and spend less time on the phone. Give social media a break to fully enjoy this journey together.” — Jessica R.

“Have a date night for just us once a week! No other friends or family to be invited.” — Danielle G.

“To finally get our photos printed from the wedding (Got them all on USB back in June).” — Krissie S.

“To have no more fights and communicate more.” — Jaime M.

“Better agreement on money and children… and finally decide on a date for our wedding. To stay madly in love the way we are.” — Amber T.

“Trying to stay mentally stable while planning our wedding, working full time and being a full time student!” —Teryn F.

“To put together a beautiful wedding for him.” — Kim P.

“More date nights, and perhaps we’ll finally get to take a honeymoon.” — Alexandria K.

“Getting married to the one I love.” — Sophia K.

Planning a Christmas Wedding

Details, ideas and tips for a wonderful Christmas wedding

By Nina Callaway

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, your family is gathered around you, and the church is already decorated. Why not have a Christmas wedding? Here are ideas and tips to have a fantastic Christmas wedding with all the trimmings.

Wedding Colors:

Red and green are natural colors for a Christmas wedding – It is likely that your church or reception site will already be decorated in red and green for other events and holiday parties. But don’t feel limited to this palate. Other possibilities, which will work with existing decorations, include:

  • silver and white
  • silver and light blue
  • burgundy, forest green, and gold (as long as the existing decorations aren’t too primary)
  • gold and cream

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Festive Ideas For a Thanksgiving-Inspired Wedding

Photo by Jose Villa via Green Wedding Shoes

The official wedding season may have come and gone, but there are plenty of brides taking advantage of the crisp and nostalgic Fall months for their big days. And if you’re having a wedding around Thanksgiving, there are some creative ways to give it some of the holiday’s magic without getting cheesy. Here are some festive ways to incorporate Thanksgiving into your wedding!
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Today’s Crazy Bride Wants Her Friends to Chip In for Her Wedding—and That’s Just the Beginning

What better way to wrap up our week than with another edition of Crazy Brides?

Writes Save the Date reader Priscilla:

My best friend of six years lives out of state, but we’ve maintained our friendship, so when she got engaged and asked me to be her maid of honor, I happily said yes. Soon after, I wished I hadn’t. Our phone calls quickly turned into hours-long conversations about nothing but her wedding. At first, it was fun when she wanted my opinions about flowers, photographers, and cakes, and I gave them happily.

But then she began asking me to call vendors on her behalf, since she lives out of state. I ended up pricing out chairs, salons, wedding dresses, cupcakes, photographers, florists, and wedding DJs. All this planning had me overwhelmed—and it wasn’t even my wedding. It was especially frustrating when I’d call her with my findings and she’d dismiss them with, “No, that’s too expensive.” or “I don’t want to do anything the traditional way.” After hearing the florists’ prices, in fact, she declared she was going to have each bridesmaid carry $5.99 Walmart bouquet.
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Your Last-Minute Wedding-Day Checklist

We found this great article that covers all you would want to cover on your last minute check list. Something you probably wouldn’t need but we are sure there are some good ideas here for everyone. Let us know if this list is missing a check that you used.

Although these wedding details may be at the end of your list, you won’t want to forget them.

By: Jennifer Lazarus

It’s crunch time, and you’re pretty sure you’ve got everything in order. But “pretty sure” isn’t good enough. So take a look at these to-dos—and be certain you’re one hundred percent on top of everything.

1. Check In With Your Vendors.
“Confirm arrangements with your pros and make sure they all have exact directions and a contact person’s cell phone number,” advises Julie Pryor of Pryor Events in Los Angeles.
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The 10 Mistakes Couples Make When Booking Their Honeymoons

The honeymoon is a much-needed respite after months of wedding planning. For many couples, it’s also the trip of a lifetime — the first long, exotic trip taken together. Heaven, right? Not always.

Believe it or not, it is possible to do it wrong, thanks to ill-timed bookings, too-small budgets and more. We consulted a few travel experts who specialize in booking honeymoons to find out what you should and shouldn’t do when planning your post-wedding getaway.

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