Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Color sets the tone for a wedding and is a great way to personalize your special day. Modern or romantic, edgy or classic, it’s a sure fire way to pull together details like bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and even favors. While themed weddings can sometimes go awry; think seaside theme where guests don’t know if they are celebrating a yacht race or wedding, you can’t go wrong with using color as the backdrop for your celebration. After all, the focus should be on the couple, and every other aspect of the wedding is there to compliment them.

Don’t think you just need one or two colors; you can have four, five even six colors to play with. Check out Pantone’s 2011 Color Trends Palette at for inspiration. To keep things modern, choose some colors of the same hue and then pick more vibrant colors for the rest of the palette. For example, the Spice Color Palette is great for fall weddings. The russet and amber are found in flowers at this time of year. Yet, the blue is the perfect balance to the reds and oranges, and brings a pop of color rather than a traditional darker green.

When I heard of Jennifer Lopez’s color theme for her recent birthday, I never thought it could work but it did. Black, white and brown, yes, brown! That color combination says confident and contemporary with a twist on classic. Throwing in an unexpected color adds an element of surprise and sophistication to your celebration.

If you are not sure how to mix and match your colors, pick one that you can find easily and is more common in products, like the bridesmaid dress, and use it as the head color. You’ll be able to find less common, unique colors in products like paper and ribbons to use for place cards, for example. 

Incorporating color into your wedding is also an inexpensive way to create the wedding of your dreams and a memorable event for your guests. Enjoy! 

Kristina Hathaway
New Hampshire Wedding Magazine & Website