Tales From the Web | Green Sustainability is a commitment

In the coming months I will be guest blogging on subjects that I find of interest from the web. These articles will cover all aspects of the corporate, wedding and outdoor event business. I will try to post timely, relevant and most importantly, interesting topics. My first is a story that was written by Joanna Baymiller appearing in intentsmag.com back in December. Joanna is a fine writer and is a tents magazine go to source for industry information.

Green Sustainability is a commitment

We all want to do our part to make our jobs and daily lives more green and eco-friendly for the environment and all creatures big and small. Here is a good example of how the leading tent manufactures are exploring ways to do just that. Exeter Events and Tents is supporting the move towards green environment and eco-friendly work practices. We support the green initiatives available in our industry but we are just beginning to crawl towards this goal. We will only be able to walk with your help, the rental community, in identifying and then achieving this lofty goal. It’s the forest for the trees thing and although we can immediately identify ways to be greener… we may be too close to the problems to see the real creative solutions. This is where you, our clients and friends come in. Please feel free to comment and offer advice on this post. We will take your comments and discuss them in future green blog posts. Over the next month we will be adding green pages to our family of websites. If you would like to receive information on our progress please click on the link at the end of the article below and we would be happy to include you in our e-mails on this subject and more! So enjoy the article and if you like it tell a friend it’s easy to do and can be done any way your friends may want to receive information. Check it out at the top of the blog!