How to Keep the Bride Happy on the Wedding Day

Jen Glantz5/13/2015

HeatherKostiewThe number one question a bridesmaid or a maid of honor will ask themselves , will ask others, will even spend countless hours asking the internet is, “How can I be there for the bride the most?” Sure, being there in person is always helpful . Showing up for the engagement party and the bridal shower and even the bachelorette party. But when it comes down to it, the number one thing the bride is looking forward to you doing, is being there on her wedding day, being there to keep her calm and to help her shake off some of those nerves like only you know how to do. Want to know how to keep the bride happy, no matter what, on her wedding day? Here’s three tips to help make that happen.
1. Keep her well fed.
Make sure she’s eaten a good breakfast and a hearty lunch. Also make sure she’s well hydrated. Keep a couple of bottles of water around with a straw so she can take occasional sips — without ruining her lipstick.
2. Play some good tunes.
If things are feeling a little stressful or you feel the bride’s energy is slipping a little, bust out a playlist of her favorite songs . Turn the pre-wedding jitters into a pre-wedding dance party.
© Courtesy of CNP Montrose
3. Give her some space.
Depending on the size of the bridal party, the behind-the-scenes of the morning of the wedding can get a bit stuffy and loud. If there’s a lot going on, round up the other bridesmaids and ask everyone to give the bride a little breathing room and a mental break.