Improving on the Sperry Model

Sail cloth wedding tent rentals ma, nh, meI remember back in 2008 while picking up some furniture from an event at Perennial Gardens where I supplied the event’s tables, chairs, dance floor and china. While I was there I noticed that the tent was made of a new material I had not seen before called sailcloth. At that time corporate and wedding tents of larger sizes were manufactured from various types of vinyl materials. I inquired as to who the manufacture was and found out that a small company by the name of Sperry Tent out of Marian Ma had made this particular tent.  Apparently Sperry only did tents but not tables or chairs.  I guess they also don’t do linen or china being the caterer had put brought me under that tent that day.

Being first is not always being the best

I remember the Sperry Tent had a nice light flowing feel to it and not opaque like the other tents available at the time. I thought why not create a new and improved version of the Sperry Tent? I now understood one of the reasons why sails were lowered in a storm. This tent needed to be more water proof and durable while at the same time not lose any of its elegance and beauty.

Ingenuity and change is the life blood of an Entrepreneur

If we combined this more durable tent with our full service special events experience we would create a unique and superior buying experience for today’s weddings and corporate event

Why go one place for a tent and then another for chairs a third for linens and china.   What an imposition on a bride or event manager! We approached what we felt was the best tent manufacturer in the United States to make our next generation sailcloth tent. This newly designed sailcloth is the most beautiful weather resistant product on the market today. Clients rave that they are the most beautiful tents on display on all the most recent national tent shows so far this year. Couple these tents with our other award winning products, valuable guidance and impeccable customer service you’ll agree we have created a seamless one stop experience you won’t soon forge

Proof is in the pudding

Seeing is believing so let us show you up close and personal what we have found to be the latest and greatest available, in all aspects of wedding and corporate event rentals, on the market today. Please call any of our professional account consultants Ashley, Cedar or Sarah at 800 677-9838 for a free personal consult regarding your wedding.