News flash The Parkin family wins the Oscar

By: Ashley Parkin

This March Exeter Events & Tents was given the opportunity to co-sponsor Oscar Night at the Red River Theaters. The venue for the pre-Oscar party was O, Steak House & Grill, soon to be open on North Main St. in Concord, NH. The major obstacle for the event was that the restaurant was still under construction. Exeter Events & Tents provided the event with linens, tables, staging, draping, bars, paper lanterns, twinkle lights, and more to create a festive atmosphere and dress up the not yet completed restaurant.

My father, Michael, and I were also had the opportunity to attend the event, and needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Attendees walked down the red carpet to the Red River Theaters’ Oscar Night as they were interviewed by reporters and photographed by the paparazzi – celebrities for a night. From the red carpet the newly anointed celebrities entered the pre Oscar party at, O, Steak House & Grill. Paper lanterns hung from the ceiling and twinkle lights circled the room. Guests enjoyed a scrumptious buffet spread provided by the host, O, and enjoyed music provided by Tall Granite Jazz Band. With their fill of food and beverages, couples moved to the theaters and enjoyed the rest of the their night watching the Oscars at the Red River Theaters. The night was amazing and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to think it was a privalage to attend.