The Short & Sweet Ceremony

Wedding NHMaybe it’s because I work in the outdoor event industry, but I hear over & over again, “We’re having a really short, simply ceremony”.  Often, the vision is of family & friends gathered on a picturesque piece of lawn somewhere within 100 yards of the tented reception.  Planner (maybe downer) that I am, I always ask, “and what’s your plan, just in case, it rains?”  This prompts all sorts of varied responses.  My favorite is “oh, we’re just going to move into the reception tent”.  This is easy for us, as a company, and least expensive for the customer.  My not-so-favorite is, “its not gonna rain”.  Sounds funny, right?  You might be surprised how often we hear it.

Like it not, we live in the one of the most volatile weather regions on the planet.  It’s what gives us our stunning fall foliage, our ski mountains, our white sand beaches, and the joy inspiring view of the first crocus bud.  It’s also what makes it absolutely likely that it will rain, at least once even if only for 20 minutes, on every single day of the year.

It’s also what motivated us to create the Weather Dependent Tent Rental.  This option is increasingly popular.  Wouldn’t you like to have weather insurance for your wedding?  This is the best we can do, being that we don’t have any influence with the weather gods.  You can now plan for the worst, while still expecting the best.  You order a tent to cover your ceremony site, as if you knew it was definitely going to rain.  We give you until 9am on the day before we install the tent to cancel if you won’t need it.  If the tent is cancelled, you get a 50% refund + full refund of non-rental charges like delivery & damage waiver.  Now, if you could only get your honeymoon resort to do the same thing, wouldn’t that be cool?