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So you think your job’s tough?

So you think your job’s tough?

New Hampshire offers some very unique challenges in the tent rental business. Challenges with wind at the seacoast, granite everywhere in the ground and now floods from Nashua to Manchester and all around the Concord area… work can be a challenge! I read this article that appears in the latest issue of intent magazine about a tent rental company in western Canada and was comforted by the fact that things are the same no matter where you go.  The article outlines some of the same challenges and solutions Exeter Events and Tents faces every day and addresses the daily obstacles we all face, from overcoming not only work challenges but the struggles with the current economy and some of the unique solutions we found in common.

Alberta & British Columbia are beautiful and challenging locations to be in the tent rental business

InTents | April 2010

. Photo courtesy of All Occasions Party Rentals Inc.

Surrounded by mountains, lakes, ski resorts and wineries, the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, is a beautiful—and challenging—location to be in the tent rental business.

“I am sure our plight is no worse than many others, but we do live in a valley on a lake with rocky and sandy shores and mountaintop houses where the soil is bulletproof,” says Dwayne Ranson of All Occasions Party Rentals Inc. of Kelowna. “Not to mention a very high USPSF (my technical term for underground sprinklers per square foot!) as our climate is very arid.”

In Alberta, tent renters contend with a short season due to extreme winters. “Rentals usually start in April and end in October,” says Averill Torrieri, marketing manager for Special Event Rentals of Edmonton. “Rates are typically a bit higher here than warmer climates due to the fact that our rental season is only six to seven months long.”/p>>
Ranson says that his company uses only frame and clearspan tents, engineered and on adjustable legs to deal with irregular ground.

“Tents that can’t stand up in the wind are of no value to us,” Ranson says. “We would prefer to have tents that go up and come down quickly but have chosen to go with tents that are more structurally sound for the added measure of safety and peace of mind they provide.”

Both Ranson and Torrieri note that one positive to the downturned economy is a favorable labor supply.

“Being an oil-producing province, our labor supply can be very volatile;

when oil prices are up, quality labor is hard to find,” says Torrieri. “That said, with the recession affecting all of us  more people are looking for work and, as a result, we have been able to reduce the overinflated wages we were forced to pay when oil was high.”

The challenging economy has motivated Special Event Rentals to discern where inefficiencies lie and employ new systems to address them. The company installed a Teeco tent washer in January, which will reduce cleaning labor costs by 50 percent, Torrieri says.

All Occasions Party Rentals also is approaching the recession as an opportunity.

“Now is the time to bargain hard for future space, invest in not-so-used equipment at a fraction of the new cost, train your people and entrench yourselves with your customers and suppliers,” Ranson says. “When the good times come back, we are striving to be in a better position to build our brand and expand our client base.”

The Short & Sweet Ceremony

Wedding NHMaybe it’s because I work in the outdoor event industry, but I hear over & over again, “We’re having a really short, simply ceremony”.  Often, the vision is of family & friends gathered on a picturesque piece of lawn somewhere within 100 yards of the tented reception.  Planner (maybe downer) that I am, I always ask, “and what’s your plan, just in case, it rains?”  This prompts all sorts of varied responses.  My favorite is “oh, we’re just going to move into the reception tent”.  This is easy for us, as a company, and least expensive for the customer.  My not-so-favorite is, “its not gonna rain”.  Sounds funny, right?  You might be surprised how often we hear it.

Like it not, we live in the one of the most volatile weather regions on the planet.  It’s what gives us our stunning fall foliage, our ski mountains, our white sand beaches, and the joy inspiring view of the first crocus bud.  It’s also what makes it absolutely likely that it will rain, at least once even if only for 20 minutes, on every single day of the year.

It’s also what motivated us to create the Weather Dependent Tent Rental.  This option is increasingly popular.  Wouldn’t you like to have weather insurance for your wedding?  This is the best we can do, being that we don’t have any influence with the weather gods.  You can now plan for the worst, while still expecting the best.  You order a tent to cover your ceremony site, as if you knew it was definitely going to rain.  We give you until 9am on the day before we install the tent to cancel if you won’t need it.  If the tent is cancelled, you get a 50% refund + full refund of non-rental charges like delivery & damage waiver.  Now, if you could only get your honeymoon resort to do the same thing, wouldn’t that be cool?

Exeter Events and Tents donates two 30×45 Tents to the Daniel Webster Council for the Boy Scouts

I was a boy scout as a young man in the state of Rhode Island. I have never forgotten how important being a scout was to my community and own personal development. Memories of scouting events never fail to make me smile. I can identify as I conduct my actions in life today is in some ways reflective of what I learned as a boy scout. The Boy Scouts of America are one of those associations that that help to build character, and good life habits at a young age. So I am always happy when I can contribute and give something back to the organization and support my community at the same time. Continue reading

Tales From the Web | Green Sustainability is a commitment

In the coming months I will be guest blogging on subjects that I find of interest from the web. These articles will cover all aspects of the corporate, wedding and outdoor event business. I will try to post timely, relevant and most importantly, interesting topics. My first is a story that was written by Joanna Baymiller appearing in intentsmag.com back in December. Joanna is a fine writer and is a tents magazine go to source for industry information. Continue reading

American Rental Trade Show

Spring is in the air and that means tradeshow season. Here at Exeter Events and Tents we are always seeking new ways to bring the best products and customer service to our clients. Last week I attended my 25th buying show at the American Rental Association.  The show floor was alive with tent companies purchasing the latest in special events equipment.   The consensus was this is going to be a very busy bridal year.  Weddings are booking very early and dates are filling up!

I spent a lot of time looking at all the new silverware and glassware pattern .  The glassware by Riedel was stunning.  It is lighter and more elegant than conventional rental glassware and is a well known brand in the wine industry.  Many of you folks who cruise have probably already been introduced to it in the wine tasting events held on the major cruise lines. Stay tuned I hope to purchase it for this summer season!

Here is a summary of other exciting new items at the show: Continue reading

Improving on the Sperry Model

Sail cloth wedding tent rentals ma, nh, meI remember back in 2008 while picking up some furniture from an event at Perennial Gardens where I supplied the event’s tables, chairs, dance floor and china. While I was there I noticed that the tent was made of a new material I had not seen before called sailcloth. At that time corporate and wedding tents of larger sizes were manufactured from various types of vinyl materials. I inquired as to who the manufacture was and found out that a small company by the name of Sperry Tent out of Marian Ma had made this particular tent.  Apparently Sperry only did tents but not tables or chairs.  I guess they also don’t do linen or china being the caterer had put brought me under that tent that day.

Being first is not always being the best

I remember the Sperry Tent had a nice light flowing feel to it and not opaque like the other tents available at the time. I thought why not create a new and improved version of the Sperry Tent? I now understood one of the reasons why sails were lowered in a storm. This tent needed to be more water proof and durable while at the same time not lose any of its elegance and beauty. Continue reading