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How to Have a Beach Wedding

Living on the New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts seacoasts offer many brides the opportunity to have their wedding on one of the beautiful beaches of New England’s seashore. Exeter Events and Tents is the leading authority when it comes to outfitting your perfect beach or seashore park wedding. We offer you the ability to contract with one supplier for all your event needs. Tents, tables, chairs, flooring, along with many choices of lighting, table settings and fabric selections allows you to coordinate exactly what you want and save money at the same time. We can also assist with finding that special seacoast location from Down East Maine through New Hampshire or along Massachusetts’s North shore, our over twenty years of working knowledge with the best venues in this area guaranty the perfect setting for your special day. Give us a call today to discuss the possibilities. We hope the following article inspires you to choose an outdoor wedding event and leave a comment or question, we would be happy to reply. Continue reading

Move the Event Outside!

Photo courtesy of NICO designs

So far this year the Northeast has experienced very early, warm and relatively dry weather patterns. Also, this beautiful spring seems to be transitioning into a sunny and pleasant summer. Keeping that in mind, the following story confirms that outside events by themselves have become a more popular trend this year. I am sure after reading this article you will have developed some creative ideas yourself, moving your next event outdoors.

Summertime brings many wonderful clients to Exeter Events and Tents. They rent tents, tables, chairs, stages, dance floors and more . . .  so call us today and see how we can help!

Planners and suppliers alike are saying that clients are looking for beautiful, organic, natural, fun and affordable. All of these things are leading to the estimated 11% increase in outdoor events this year. Continue reading

Create weddings that dazzle

I would like to take a moment before we look at this week’s featured article by Joanna Baymiller to thank the loyal supporters of this blog. It gives us great pleasure to bring you these timely bits of information every Wednesday  in hopes of making your event a more memorial, smooth running and celebrated experience. We would love to hear your feedback, thoughts and ideas especially ideas on subjects that you would like us to cover. The subjects we talk about are near and dear to our hearts. We have a staff of professionals that have produced 100’s of creative, successful events using may of the ideas talked about in this article, so you don’t have to go it alone. Need advice or help please contact us we are always ready to help. After all, dazzling weddings under an elegant sail cloth tent is our specialty. So call us today you’ll be glad you did.

I hope you enjoy the article!

Always a groomsman never a groom

Let’s take a look at the most forgotten group at a wedding, the groomsmen. Oh yea the true work horse of any wedding and  dedicated organizers of the pre-wedding festivities. If not for these band of merry men, led by the best man, who would make sure the bachelor party had plenty of food, spirit, and  entertainment. Not to mention making sure the ring and groom made it thru the bail hearing on time to get to the church? But I digress….

So I submit for your approval an article I found on bride.com full of wonderful advice on how the groom can keep these merry men on track and looking sharpe while they perform their thankless duties of being good groomsmen.

Check out the great links in this article they lead to other fine articles from brides.com. Just more Tales from the web see you again on the web. Continue reading

Don’t Feed The Blogger!!!!

The best  part, for me, of being a guest at a wedding? Other than celebrating the big day with the happy couple of course is, the food. I can never seem to get enough. A good caterer can make or break the wedding reception so here are a few great tips offered up by Bride Magazine that are tried and true. There are three important sections to this post along with a valuable work sheet at the end that you can down load and take with you on your quest for the perfect caterer. Oh one last thing… did I mention I am a great wedding guest? Bon Appetite!!!


Research first

Book your reception site before hiring a caterer. Keep in mind that many banquet halls have exclusive (or “preferred”) relationships with in-house caterers, which may limit your ability to work with an outside company. Check before you interview outsiders.

Menu matters

Plan to set up your menu at least six months in advance. If you’re marrying during peak wedding season (June-October) you may have to order it even sooner, especially if you want a big-name caterer.

Seek out referrals

Ask friends and family for recommendations, and talk to brides in your area. Once you find a caterer you like, speak to satisfied brides and ask for references before you sign a contract.

Set priorities

If having a large number of people at your reception is important to you, scale back on the refreshments. On the other hand, if gourmet food is a priority, then keep your guest list to a manageable size or restrict your bar offerings to wine and beer.

Buffet or banquet

Do you want a five-course dinner menu with individual wine pairings? Or is a barbeque buffet more in keeping with your wedding theme? Consider your personal style to determine what will work best for you.

Special requests

Are there dietary needs (vegetarian, kosher) to consider? Make sure your caterer has experience preparing these types of dishes.

Set the scene

Bring in photos of your dress, reception site, and flowers—anything that will give your prospective caterer a better sense of the type of reception you have in mind.

Tasting time

If the caterer is offering a complimentary sampling, be sure to clear the number of people you can bring beforehand.

How to save money

Daytime affair

Opt for a wedding brunch or luncheon reception instead of dinner, which is typically much more expensive.

Cocktail hour

Skip the full meal and celebrate with tasty refreshments instead—an option that works best for a celebration after a 2 p.m. ceremony (not dinnertime). Or host an afternoon tea or a late afternoon/early-evening cocktail reception.

Course cutting

If you have your heart set on a seated meal, cut back the number of courses from five to three.

Smaller selection

Ask guests to select their meal preferences on the RSVP cards so caterers can plan ahead, or choose a pasta or protein dish that you think has the broadest appeal.

Top quality

Keep the menu simple and focus on quality ingredients. Ask your caterer to use in-season produce from local farms.

Kid friendly

Order an inexpensive kids’ menu for the children’s table at your reception. Chances are they’d much rather have a cheeseburger and fries than foie gras, anyway.


See if your caterer will let you bring your own liquor. (Be sure to ask about corkage fees.)

The basics

Limit your bar offerings to wine and beer. Liquor (especially premium bands) can add a wallop to your bar tab.

Size matters

Keep your guest list to a manageable number.

What to include in your contract

  • The date, time, length and location (include specific room or hall) of the reception.
  • The date by which you need to supply the caterer with a final headcount.
  • Type of food service (buffet, cocktail reception, seated meal).
  • Your approved menu and courses.
  • Alcohol arrangements: Does your caterer have a liquor license? Can you supply your own wine? Will there be a corkage fee? What brands and vintages will they be serving? Can you return unopened bottles? Will there be an open bar? (If so, specify the hours.)
  • Server specifics, including staff-to-guest ratio and dress code.
  • The cost of renting equipment, silverware, glassware and linens.
  • Arrangements for feeding other wedding vendors (photographer, band, planner).
  • The name of the banquet manager who will be overseeing the reception.
  • Price quotes for food and maximums on unforeseen menu expenditures; cancellation and overtime fees; deposit and refund policies; payment schedule; extra fees including gratuities and sales tax; and the total estimated cost.

What to Ask…

Choosing the right vendor comes down to asking the right questions.

Click for a printable worksheet to take to your appointments.

Weddings with a Budget

By: Cedar Rain Gordon

Wedding Rental Packages in Concord NH AreaSo, most, if not all, weddings have some sort of budget.  If you have absolutely no budget, whatsoever, you could quickly be throwing 6 figures at the one day.  If you don’t make a Hollywood paycheck, but still want to have a wedding, it’s best to give yourself some sort of limit, so that you might still be able to own a house in your lifetime. 

Couples planning a traditional wedding in the New Hampshire seacoast region are spending an average of $20,000-$40,000.  The question then, is how to get the most bang for your limited buck.  The answer is to prioritize.  Make a list of all the things that are important to you.  For instance, a stunning view, a huge dance floor, elaborate & custom lighting design, a couture wedding gown, an open bar, haute cuisine menu, china & crystal rather than paper & plastic.  Make the list huge and dreamy and, maybe even, completely fantastical.  Then, start doing some pricing research.  Assign realistic dollar amounts to each item.  Add them up.  How far over budget are you?  Maybe not all.  Maybe you’re considering knocking over a bank.  Maybe you’re so discouraged you’re thinking of calling the whole thing off.

This is the time to sit down with your fiancé, and anyone else in your family who’s helping with the planning or paying, for a nice long chat.  Things can get challenging here; how often does your family agree on anything?  Let everyone say their piece, uninterrupted.  Let me repeat that: uninterrupted.  Once everyone has gotten the chance to say what’s important to them, it’s time to do a second budget crunch.  In a perfect world, each person could have the one or two most important items on their dream list.  In a real world, we’ll have to make some tough decisions.  The thing to keep in mind is that the day is about the joining of two people and two families.  Allow this budgeting process to open the doors of communication that will keep you all happy & functionin  in sickness & in health, for richer & for poorer, til death do us part.

Save Money On Your Wedding – Make it a potluck

By Sarah Bissell

Lately many of our brides have been talking about having potluck wedding receptions instead of hiring expensive caterers. They send out invitations with a request that guests bring their favorite dish to share at the reception. What a great way to cut costs and ask your guests to participate in creating a lifetime of memories.

Ask everyone to bring a copy of their recipe. Instead of a guest book have a cookbook!

The cost of a cake, catered food and beverages can add up to thousands of dollars quickly. Many venues such as parks, public gardens and private homes allow you to bring in your own food. Continue reading

The Short & Sweet Ceremony

Wedding NHMaybe it’s because I work in the outdoor event industry, but I hear over & over again, “We’re having a really short, simply ceremony”.  Often, the vision is of family & friends gathered on a picturesque piece of lawn somewhere within 100 yards of the tented reception.  Planner (maybe downer) that I am, I always ask, “and what’s your plan, just in case, it rains?”  This prompts all sorts of varied responses.  My favorite is “oh, we’re just going to move into the reception tent”.  This is easy for us, as a company, and least expensive for the customer.  My not-so-favorite is, “its not gonna rain”.  Sounds funny, right?  You might be surprised how often we hear it.

Like it not, we live in the one of the most volatile weather regions on the planet.  It’s what gives us our stunning fall foliage, our ski mountains, our white sand beaches, and the joy inspiring view of the first crocus bud.  It’s also what makes it absolutely likely that it will rain, at least once even if only for 20 minutes, on every single day of the year.

It’s also what motivated us to create the Weather Dependent Tent Rental.  This option is increasingly popular.  Wouldn’t you like to have weather insurance for your wedding?  This is the best we can do, being that we don’t have any influence with the weather gods.  You can now plan for the worst, while still expecting the best.  You order a tent to cover your ceremony site, as if you knew it was definitely going to rain.  We give you until 9am on the day before we install the tent to cancel if you won’t need it.  If the tent is cancelled, you get a 50% refund + full refund of non-rental charges like delivery & damage waiver.  Now, if you could only get your honeymoon resort to do the same thing, wouldn’t that be cool?

Improving on the Sperry Model

Sail cloth wedding tent rentals ma, nh, meI remember back in 2008 while picking up some furniture from an event at Perennial Gardens where I supplied the event’s tables, chairs, dance floor and china. While I was there I noticed that the tent was made of a new material I had not seen before called sailcloth. At that time corporate and wedding tents of larger sizes were manufactured from various types of vinyl materials. I inquired as to who the manufacture was and found out that a small company by the name of Sperry Tent out of Marian Ma had made this particular tent.  Apparently Sperry only did tents but not tables or chairs.  I guess they also don’t do linen or china being the caterer had put brought me under that tent that day.

Being first is not always being the best

I remember the Sperry Tent had a nice light flowing feel to it and not opaque like the other tents available at the time. I thought why not create a new and improved version of the Sperry Tent? I now understood one of the reasons why sails were lowered in a storm. This tent needed to be more water proof and durable while at the same time not lose any of its elegance and beauty. Continue reading

Ashley Parkin Promoted to Vice President!

Exeter Events & Tents would like to introduce their new Vice President, Ashley Parkin. Ashley has been with the company for over 10 years and is an industry leader in planning wedding and event rentals. Ashley’s philosophy is simple, “an event’s success is in the details. No detail is too small to overlook. We hold our client’s hand through the planning process, from vision to execution. If our client is not happy then we are not happy.”

With Ashley’s new title comes added responsibilities including introducing Exeter Events & Tents to the Concord area. “We are opening a new showroom in downtown Concord located directly across from the State House. Concord compliments our business well and we are excited to provide the area with a full service wedding and event rental company. We are expected to open February 15, 2010.” The new Concord showroom will be located at 118 North Main St.

Exeter Events & Tents is Northern New England’s premier full service wedding and event rental organization. With over 25 years of combined experience, our consultants are more than happy assist you with planning your event rentals. Our extensive line of tents, dance floors, dishes, linens, tables, chairs, and other party supplies are perfect for a backyard barbeque, wedding, birthday party, or family outing.