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Weddings with a Budget

By: Cedar Rain Gordon

Wedding Rental Packages in Concord NH AreaSo, most, if not all, weddings have some sort of budget.  If you have absolutely no budget, whatsoever, you could quickly be throwing 6 figures at the one day.  If you don’t make a Hollywood paycheck, but still want to have a wedding, it’s best to give yourself some sort of limit, so that you might still be able to own a house in your lifetime. 

Couples planning a traditional wedding in the New Hampshire seacoast region are spending an average of $20,000-$40,000.  The question then, is how to get the most bang for your limited buck.  The answer is to prioritize.  Make a list of all the things that are important to you.  For instance, a stunning view, a huge dance floor, elaborate & custom lighting design, a couture wedding gown, an open bar, haute cuisine menu, china & crystal rather than paper & plastic.  Make the list huge and dreamy and, maybe even, completely fantastical.  Then, start doing some pricing research.  Assign realistic dollar amounts to each item.  Add them up.  How far over budget are you?  Maybe not all.  Maybe you’re considering knocking over a bank.  Maybe you’re so discouraged you’re thinking of calling the whole thing off.

This is the time to sit down with your fiancé, and anyone else in your family who’s helping with the planning or paying, for a nice long chat.  Things can get challenging here; how often does your family agree on anything?  Let everyone say their piece, uninterrupted.  Let me repeat that: uninterrupted.  Once everyone has gotten the chance to say what’s important to them, it’s time to do a second budget crunch.  In a perfect world, each person could have the one or two most important items on their dream list.  In a real world, we’ll have to make some tough decisions.  The thing to keep in mind is that the day is about the joining of two people and two families.  Allow this budgeting process to open the doors of communication that will keep you all happy & functionin  in sickness & in health, for richer & for poorer, til death do us part.

Save Money On Your Wedding – Make it a potluck

By Sarah Bissell

Lately many of our brides have been talking about having potluck wedding receptions instead of hiring expensive caterers. They send out invitations with a request that guests bring their favorite dish to share at the reception. What a great way to cut costs and ask your guests to participate in creating a lifetime of memories.

Ask everyone to bring a copy of their recipe. Instead of a guest book have a cookbook!

The cost of a cake, catered food and beverages can add up to thousands of dollars quickly. Many venues such as parks, public gardens and private homes allow you to bring in your own food. Continue reading

American Rental Trade Show

Spring is in the air and that means tradeshow season. Here at Exeter Events and Tents we are always seeking new ways to bring the best products and customer service to our clients. Last week I attended my 25th buying show at the American Rental Association.  The show floor was alive with tent companies purchasing the latest in special events equipment.   The consensus was this is going to be a very busy bridal year.  Weddings are booking very early and dates are filling up!

I spent a lot of time looking at all the new silverware and glassware pattern .  The glassware by Riedel was stunning.  It is lighter and more elegant than conventional rental glassware and is a well known brand in the wine industry.  Many of you folks who cruise have probably already been introduced to it in the wine tasting events held on the major cruise lines. Stay tuned I hope to purchase it for this summer season!

Here is a summary of other exciting new items at the show: Continue reading

Improving on the Sperry Model

Sail cloth wedding tent rentals ma, nh, meI remember back in 2008 while picking up some furniture from an event at Perennial Gardens where I supplied the event’s tables, chairs, dance floor and china. While I was there I noticed that the tent was made of a new material I had not seen before called sailcloth. At that time corporate and wedding tents of larger sizes were manufactured from various types of vinyl materials. I inquired as to who the manufacture was and found out that a small company by the name of Sperry Tent out of Marian Ma had made this particular tent.  Apparently Sperry only did tents but not tables or chairs.  I guess they also don’t do linen or china being the caterer had put brought me under that tent that day.

Being first is not always being the best

I remember the Sperry Tent had a nice light flowing feel to it and not opaque like the other tents available at the time. I thought why not create a new and improved version of the Sperry Tent? I now understood one of the reasons why sails were lowered in a storm. This tent needed to be more water proof and durable while at the same time not lose any of its elegance and beauty. Continue reading

Ashley Parkin Promoted to Vice President!

Exeter Events & Tents would like to introduce their new Vice President, Ashley Parkin. Ashley has been with the company for over 10 years and is an industry leader in planning wedding and event rentals. Ashley’s philosophy is simple, “an event’s success is in the details. No detail is too small to overlook. We hold our client’s hand through the planning process, from vision to execution. If our client is not happy then we are not happy.”

With Ashley’s new title comes added responsibilities including introducing Exeter Events & Tents to the Concord area. “We are opening a new showroom in downtown Concord located directly across from the State House. Concord compliments our business well and we are excited to provide the area with a full service wedding and event rental company. We are expected to open February 15, 2010.” The new Concord showroom will be located at 118 North Main St.

Exeter Events & Tents is Northern New England’s premier full service wedding and event rental organization. With over 25 years of combined experience, our consultants are more than happy assist you with planning your event rentals. Our extensive line of tents, dance floors, dishes, linens, tables, chairs, and other party supplies are perfect for a backyard barbeque, wedding, birthday party, or family outing.

Super Bowl XLIV

With the two highest scoring teams in the NFL facing off, the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts, expectations were high for an eventful Super Bowl XLIV. Needless to say, fans were not disappointed! After trailing 10-0 in first quarter, the Saints came back to win the Super Bowl 31-17. Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints, the 2010 Super Bowl Champions!

The Super Bowl experience is more than football, it’s also about the pre-game party, the entertaining million dollar commercials, and the famous Bridgestone Halftime Show. The Halftime Show was amazing this year. As an Event Specialist, it’s incredible to think about the logistics of the stage set-up and removal.

Whether it’s a backyard BBQ in Andover, MA or a wedding on the beach in Ipswich, MA, to a clambake in York, ME we can handle all of your event rental and tent rental needs. We have been supplying the MA, NH and ME regions with vinyl tents rentals, sail cloth tent rentals and all other event rentals for the past 25 years. Find us on the web at www.exetereventsandtents.com .

Have a great Super Bowl Monday!

The Ultimate Event Checklist, Event Rentals MA, Event Rentals ME, Event Rentals NH

Although keeping tabs on every aspect of a special event can be daunting, event producer Clare Sullivan Jackson, CSEP, has a simple solution: create a master checklist. Jackson, president of Houston-based Sullivan Group, led more than 140 participants in the workshop “Check It Off!-The Design and Implementation of a Master Checklist” at The Special Event in Orlando, Fla.

“In the workshop, we were trying to come up with a master list that could be used by everybody in the business to provide an understanding of every event element,” Jackson says. “Combining different aspects of the profession brought things to light that I never would have thought of.”

Jackson created and distributed a checklist outline for the participants to flesh out. Each group (e.g., tent rentals MA, lighting rentals MA, chair rentals MA, dishware rentals MA) was assigned a team leader for guidance. “Then we came together to share our lists and give the whole room an opportunity to add to them,” she says. “The real value of it was getting input from more than 140 event rental professionals from various disciplines.

“Going into an event with this type of checklist leaves very little to chance,” Jackson says. “If more people would manage their businesses this way, we could raise the level of professionalism in our industry.”

Below is the checklist outline Jackson provided in her workshop. Continue reading