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Announcing C.W. Seacoast Luxury Restroom Trailers

An entrepreneur is at it again! My father, Michael Parkin, is no stranger to new business ventures and opportunities. The owner of two successful businesses, Exeter Events & Tents and Sperry Tents Seacoast, he has decided to use his business savvy, entrepreneurial sprit to start a new venture, “W.C. Seacoast”, a business providing portable luxury restroom facilities. An outdoor event evokes images of beauty, luxury, and exclusivity; the image of a bride in a portable toilet does not.

Luxury restroom trailers provide guests with a restroom that is elegant, private and clean. C. W. Seacoast is introducing two options for clients, The Seacoast Spa and The Seacoast Valletta. The Seacoast Spa has flushing toilets, a working sink and vanity, heating, air conditioning, wood grain floor, and crown molding. The Seacoast Valletta has all of the features of The Seacoast Spa, but the exterior is designed to aesthetically look like a garden cottage.

Visit W.C. Seacoast for more information!