Real Brides Share Their Love and Marriage New Year’s Resolutions!

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by Terri Pous

The only thing harder than making a New Year’s resolution is keeping it! While many vow to lose weight, stay in shape, find a job, or some other personal pledge, we wanted to know what real women want to do better for their relationships in 2015. We polled our Facebook followers to see their New Year’s resolutions — and to hopefully help you make a commitment to love and a happy marriage in the new year! Read on to see our favorites, from serious to slightly more lighthearted.

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“Be more in the moment and spend less time on the phone. Give social media a break to fully enjoy this journey together.” — Jessica R.

“Have a date night for just us once a week! No other friends or family to be invited.” — Danielle G.

“To finally get our photos printed from the wedding (Got them all on USB back in June).” — Krissie S.

“To have no more fights and communicate more.” — Jaime M.

“Better agreement on money and children… and finally decide on a date for our wedding. To stay madly in love the way we are.” — Amber T.

“Trying to stay mentally stable while planning our wedding, working full time and being a full time student!” —Teryn F.

“To put together a beautiful wedding for him.” — Kim P.

“More date nights, and perhaps we’ll finally get to take a honeymoon.” — Alexandria K.

“Getting married to the one I love.” — Sophia K.